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Dancehall, Reggae, Roots & Culture, Revival, Jazz, Souls, R&B, Pop, Funky House, Garage, Techno, Riddim & Blues, Classic Music Etc. ORS Global Radio is a professional radio station based in the United Kingdom, which was launched on 4th May 2023. We take pride in our community and focus on the wider range of music across the industry. The vast majority of music around the world is not being presented to music listeners and lovers across the globe, and ORS Global Radio is here to fulfil this gap and to contribute significantly to the music industry. Our deejays are all professionally trained to deliver a first-class service / entertainment to our listener and host interviews with known artists around the world.

The station runs twenty-four sevens (24/7s) and our live deejays are presenting and delivering exceptional presentations to our listeners. The station is managed by Bad Indian of Original Rising Star Sound who have been in the music business for more that 2 decades, and have been a radio presenter for many years. The professionalism and commitment of Bad Indian, Bomac, Uncle Leroy and Buckey Ranks has piloted the station to where they are today, and have been making a positive impact globally. There are greater plans ahead to enhance the station and make it more successful, but as we know time is the master and the team are working behind the scenes to ensure further productivity.



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                                                     Bad Indian

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Djs join us .  Email address : orsglobalradio@gmail.com